Antminer apw7 Power Supply

Antminer apw7 Power Supply

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Bitmain Antminer APW7 PSU  New

Bitmain APW7 1800W power supply for Antminer S9 S9I Z9 L3 + D3 T9 + E3 Innosilicon A9 D9 BTC LTC DASH.

APW7 is a new type of power supply model specially released by Bitmain for our ant miners. Compared with APW3++, the rated power of APW7 has increased by 200W, and its efficiency is 95%, an increase of 1.5%. APW7 is more power efficient and can reduce mining costs. APW7 has better heat dissipation performance, which means that APW7 can work in a higher temperature environment.

Technical index


DC voltage: 12.0V

Rated current (200-240 V input): 150 A

Rated power (200-240 V input): 1800 watts

Rated current (100-140 V input): 67 A

Rated power (100-140 V input): 800 watts

Ripple and noise: <1%

Voltage adjustment rate: <2%

Source regulations: <1%

Load regulation rate: <1%

Setting, rise time: <2 seconds

Power failure protection trip time:> 10 milliseconds

Input value

Voltage range: 100-140 VA/degree Celsius

                          200-240 VA/degree Celsius                       

Frequency range: 50-60 Hz

Power factor:> 0.99 (full load)

Leakage current: <1.5 mA 220 V 50 Hz)


Working temperature: -20°C-50°C

Working humidity: relative humidity 20%-90% (no condensation)

Height: <2000 m


Dimensions: 220 x 108 x 62 mm

Weight: 2.0 kg