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Thank you for purchasing this product. Please read this manual beforehand and keep it properly to ensure correct use. The product details and introduction of functions specified in this manual are for reference only. Please apply such information correctly according to the actual product you receive.

  1. Precautions
  2. Please checkwhether the cabinet is intact upon acceptance of the product, for screws and plugs might be loosened during transportation.
  3. 2. The water pipe should be connected withthe water inlet and outlet, and the electromagneticvalve would only let water run after the cabinet is connected with the power supply and powered on. Please check whether there is water leakage at the copper pipes and their welding seam inside the cabinet (the waterway electromagnetic valve would automatically close 2 minutes later).
  4. I Product Parameters

Product name: Immersion Liquid-Cooled Cabinet

Rated voltage: 220V/110V

Rated power: 100W

Thermal design power: 5000W

Size: 46CM*33CM*27CM

Texture: Carbon steel

Net weight: 11KG


III. Introduction of Functions

This immersion liquid-cooled cabinet, equipped with an intelligent control system developed by our company independently, supports integrated deployment on multiple machines. It has the following features: 

  1. Power consumption of the server can be reduced
  2. Overclockingis supported
  3. Low failure rate
  4. Noisefree
  5. Easy to assemble

Principle of heat dissipation:

The submersible fan can absorb the heat of the server by constantly agitating liquid-cooled heat-conducting medium, while external water source can absorb the heat of heat-conducting medium through Heat dissipation copper bar. In this way, cooling protection for the server heat source could be realized.



  1. I How to Use
  2. Checkwhether the cabinet is intact with all functions running normally.
  3. Disassemble the machine to take outthe hashrate board; clean the dust with high-pressure air gun; wipe the hashrate board and other parts of the machine with industrial alcohol.
  4. Disconnect thepower supply and clean the dust with high-pressure air gun.
  5. Unplug and remove the fanon the machine; plug the specialized fan simulator in (the cabinet would not work without the fan simulator).
  6. Plug in the internet cable and 10A power cord after the simulator is plugged in; put the machine into the cabinet (the liquid-cooled cabinet should be powered off and disconnected from watersource).
  7. Plug theother end of the 16A power cord and internet cable into the cabinet after putting the machine into the cabinet.
  8. Pouring the cooling medium; ensure the liquid level is above the transparent detector of the liquid level sensor.
  9. Open the water valve after pouring in all the cooling medium; plug in the power cord on the cabinet and observe the parameters on the displayer.If the temperature, flow velocity and fan speed are all displayed, the green breathing light on the control panel of the liquid-cooled cabinet would start flashing, indicating the cabinet is running normally; if the red breathing light on the control panel starts flashing and E0-E7 is displayed on the screen, it means the cabinet is not working and troubleshooting should be performed.


  1. V. Common Faults

Interpretation of codes on the display screen:

  1. T (temperature):a/b; a refers to the real-time temperature (℃) at the water inlet, while b refers to the real-time temperature of the cooling liquid inside the cabinet.
  2. S(speed): x L/M; x refers to the volume (litre) of water flowing per minute.
  3. F (fan):f1/f2; f1 and f2 refer to the rotate speed x10 (rotate/minute) of the two submersible fans.
  4. Fault Reporting

E0: The starting conditions are not met, and the cabinet enters the standby state.

Major reasons: the cooling oil does not cover the liquid level sensor; no parameters at the water flow sensor because there is no water flow, or the plug of the water flow sensor is not plugged in.

E1: Liquid level switch failure  

E2: The short-circuit detection sensor malfunctions.

E3: The fan malfunctions, with more than one submersible fans damaged.

E7: The oil temperature is too high.


  1. V Special Remarks
  2. Please check whether the waterway and circuit areintact after receiving the liquid-cooled cabinet (do not pour in the cooling medium and the machine).
  3. Power on the cabinet and then open the water access before test (the solenoid valve on the cabinet is usually closed and would only open upon powering on); observe whether there is water leakage at the copper pipes inside the cabinet, whether the liquid-cooled fans are rotating and whether the plug is loo
  4. Please ensure that the liquid level exceeds the transparent detector of the liquid level sensor when pouring in the cooling medium.


  1. V After-sale Service

If any after-sale problems occur, please contact the seller to obtain after-sale service. Since customization service is provided for the product, the product shall not be returned unless problems occur due to inferior quality.



Given the principle of keeping improving our products, we reserve the right to modify the specification and user’s manual of this product. Please apply such information correctly according to the actual product you receive.